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© 2023 by Vanessa McWilliams


"I Help People Embrace Their Authentic Selves,

So They Can Confidently Show Up In The World." 


First off, I am a very enthusiastic human, so trying to introduce myself through your computer screen is a toughie for me. 


My passion is human connection & inspirational speaking. To live an authentic life showing people that they are perfect exactly how they are, right now. To live everyday in a state of kindness, and to empower others through empathy and understanding. Kindness is my jam, and my greatest strength is the ability to talk, and I give some pretty kick ass hugs to. 

Oh, and I am a bald chick. 

Yep, all of that love rolled into a body that's been told she isn't what 'Beautiful' looks like - and now using my story to empower others along the way.

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