Hi! I’m Vanessa


After losing my hair at 9 years old to Alopecia, I struggled to find my way as a young woman, battling against an unachievable beauty standard, and finding myself gripped in a downward spiral that nearly consumed me. After doing everything in my power to fly under the radar as a bald woman, a life changing encounter left me feeling diminished, and humiliated. A steadfast determination began to grow inside of me, and I made the decision to empower women to reconnect with the beauty that resides in all of us, and in the process, I set myself free. I now coach and mentor women who want to free themselves from the grips of beauty standards, and empower them through their own true beauty.


Who are my people?

These humans right here, my family.

Born and raised in Calgary, Ab you can find me sitting in a cold hockey arena cheering the loudest for my two boys (seriously IYKYK - I'm a loud and proud momma), or around a campfire with friends laughing until our bellies hurt. If I do anything in life - raising these boys to be kind and blaze their own trails will always be my greatest achievement.


Master Trainer & Human Sunshine

After doing the necessary heart (and hard) work to really dig up and expose where I was holding myself back in life, I was invited to join a group of humans who are seriously the greatest on the planet. As A Master Trainer with Transformation Weekend, I not only get to help you break through what holds you back, but also get to watch the most amazing part of human transformation happen in real time - the moment when you see for yourself that you really are capable and enough exactly as you are.