Vanessa McWilliams has an amazing story, and over the last few years, has found a way to impact the world with it. She came to her first Transformation Weekend in 2012, and annually looks forward to the goal-setting weekend, and making her vision board.

For Vanessa, everything on her vision boards has happened each year, and so each new year, she gets a little more courageous, and dreams a little bigger.

I had no idea for the longest time that Vanessa wore a wig. I remember the day she was standing on stage, sharing her brave story with the audience, and they were applauding. For some reason, from the second row I yelled "TAKE IT OFF!" and she giggled, knowing exactly that I meant her hair. With shaking hands, she ripped the wig off her head, and the audience LEAPT TO THEIR FEET and cheered and screamed and whistled as she stood there completely vulnerable:
fully accepted, fully alive, and so radiant and beautiful, for the longest standing ovation I have ever witnessed.

(And I've been in the front row of a Michael Buble concert before.)

Vanessa is dynamic, influential, inspirational and destined for greatness. I'm humbled that the Transformation Weekend is a safe place for her to return to each year. Some people attend Transformation Weekend because they want to meet new friends.

But inevitably, the people that you meet at Transformation Weekend become your family.

An online organization of go-getters and goal-setters in community designed to elevate your personal success.

The most cost-effective personal coaching program. Monthly coaching with a successful life coach. Weekly peer-to-peer coaching and accountability. Great conversations 24-7.

Founded by award-winning and best-selling author Erin Skye Kelly, this community came to be as an extension of her sold-out events that only happen once a year. She learned that there was a need in many communities to have a regular place where goal-setting could be learned and practiced.
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