Are You Lucky?

This week on our Achievement Club call, we talked about luck & flow. I've been struggling with being out of flow for the past 2 years, and constantly felt like I was pushing against the grain. Like my mentor told me "I can't see the forest for the trees."

Only when I actively work on things that push me towards my goal do I feel 'in flow'.

When I decide and DO the work, I begin to notice that opportunities start to appear.

Last week I had a major shift in my life, and I decided I have had enough. I know what I want to do, what I want my life to look like, what I want for my family.....and I won't give up working hard to create the life we want.

Within 10 mins of crying the best soul cleansing cry, I got a message about a speaking event.

The next day, a message about a monthly group coaching opportunity.

And today - An unexpected day off without my family home - so I have been on my computer all day working on my blog, website, updates, event submissions, etc...... I'm working towards my goal of 10 paid speaking events for 2019, and launching my podcast.

The universe knows I'm putting in the work, so it's meeting me halfway, giving me the much needed time to work on my goals.

Now, the universe has a funny way of also testing you - and this is where you have to be careful!

As soon as I decided that I wanted to create and launch a podcast, I got a nasty cold.

Sore throat, zero energy, achy muscles, and a sexy man voice that could rival Bradley Cooper in a Star Is Born. So instead of throwing my hands up in the air and saying F*CK IT - I've been creating content, and testing microphones etc...... And just when I thought I was in the clear - BAM.... another cold, round 2. This won't stop me tho, I'll keep creating content until my voice clears up and Ill be hitting the ground running!

Even with my speaking goal - as soon as I declared my big goal for 2019 - I had the opportunity to do a free speaking event - and I said YES. Even tho it isn't paid, I am not about to start saying NO to the universes gift.

I don't believe in 'Luck'. Sure there is something to be said about not stepping out 1 sec before you get creamed by a bus (I believe this is more divine intervention) but when it comes to opportunities that come your way, I believe its because of the culmination of the work and focus you've put in for hours, days, months, years.....

I know that when I owned my wig company, I would get confused when the media would call and ask me for an interview. Why ME?

Because I did the work - When CNN called and asked to run a story about me, it was because I had laid the ground work for my self confidence, built myself up over 3 years and put myself out there.

Same with The Globe & Mail and Womens World Weekly - I did the work and had a goal to make a difference in the world - and the universe answered with an international platform.

Although today has been a busy day full of computer glitches, deleted content (its actually a blessing), and a pup that won't leave me alone (C'mon mom, Let's go for another walk!)

I have been focused on getting it done, so the universe/God knows i'm not playing around, and when the day is done, I'll top it all off with a grateful "Thank You"

- because gratefulness is at the root of flow.


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