Back at it, after a year!

Oh Boy, Where do I start?

Life has a funny way of teaching you what you need to learn. Sometimes it's a quiet nudge, and sometimes it's a full out shove-off-the-edge. That's what this past year has been for me, a full out sucker punch that had me questioning everything, my dreams, my goals, my sanity, my faith, everything.

After wading through the muck, I have a clarity that I've never had before. Before last year I doubted my ability as a speaker, as a coach, and as a leader. I knew I was good at it (feedback was always positive, and coaching clients were doing kick ass things with their lives), but the little itty-bitty-shitty-committee in my mind was going 24/7.

Now that I've come through a 'learning year' of rest and laser focus on my family, I know what I really REALLY want - To take my speaking and coaching business to the next level. I don't ever want to be at the mercy of someone else's decision making. I want to create a life and business that I have control over, I want to once again be my own boss. After owning my own companies for 6 years, and then going back to work 9-5(ish) my entrepreneur heart is screaming. I must get back to the hustle and grind....I live for it.

This past year I learned a couple of things:

1.) Do not waver. Ever.

I am who I am. This will never waver, and this year taught me that no matter how strong the winds blow, as long as your roots are planted deep enough, you can stand strong. It was hard - sometimes felt impossible, but here I am - still standing.

2.) Look around and notice who's still with you in the dark times.

I have the most amazing & supportive family and friends. Thank you for checking in on me, showing up randomly with sushi or starbucks in hand, phoning me after hard appointments just wanting to say HI, the abundance of hugs, and the never ending supply of messages of love.

I know who my people are, and this year you loved me and my family hard.

3.) It's not a goal killer - just a pause.

I remember thinking 'How am I going to complete my goal of inspiring 1 Million people this year, when all I want to do is crawl in a hole and cry?'

I felt like a failure this year, not wanting to do anything but keep my family safe. I put my big goals on hold to ensure that my kids were taken care of, and saw only a happy momma. After 6 years of MASSIVE personal growth, it was so hard to put the brakes on and just 'Be'.

Looking in from the other side tho, last year was a year that I can be proud of. We didn't waiver when things got hard, we showed up bigger than before for our family, and my husband and I are stronger than ever.

Life has a funny way of teaching us the hard lessons in the muck.

I am soooooo excited to be back, stronger than ever, and ready to blow the lid off 2019.

Last year was the rest I needed in order to come out in full force, and I am ready.


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