Meet Sarah Campbell

Hi, my name is Sarah, and I am 36. I live in Belfast with my 2 kids and 1 crazy dog. I have alopecia universalis, meaning I lost all of my body hair. My condition started when I was 12. I was diagnosed with alopecia areata. It was not until I was pregnant with my 1st child that it then evolved into alopecia totalis. When my child was 4 months old I awoke to find them choking. I pulled their hand out of their mouth to discover a huge clump of my hair wrapped around their fist. The hair was down their throat meaning they couldn't pull their hand out of their mouth again. That night when I returned home from work, my exhusband shaved the rest of my head. Over the years people have made some rash comments over my hairloss, with the majority believing I had cancer. I have had people get on public transport, to simply call me names. I've had others ask if I'm the same from head to toe while some don't eve have to common courtesy to ask, they much prefer to stare.

The most difficult aspect of my hairloss I personally find is dating. Not many men, that I have found, are open to the idea of being with a bald woman. Most have had a family member whom they have watched die from cancer and therefore they are triggered by it. I have had people say it to my face that if I had hair they would have loved to take me out. The hair maintenance is one thing I personally do not miss. Shaving legs etc is hard work.

I am very blessed to have 3 children who love me for me. I believe that growing up with a bald mum has made them both much more tolerant than other kids of their age. They don't judge on appearances alone and genuinely want to learn your story. They both have hearts of gold and make me a very proud mum.

One thing that I have learned by my experience would be that what others think of you appearance is a greater reflection of what's going on in their head than how you actually look.

I have never let my hairloss hold me back in life. I finished school, lived on 2 continents, fell in love married and have 2 amazing kids. I went to college and then to university. I'm my nieces favourite sticker book and nothing makes me smile quite like the sound of those crazies giggling away.

Sarah xxx

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