Have you ever been asked to speak in public?

Does it make your heart stop, and your palms sweat? Public Speaking is one of the biggest fears among many people - Except Me.

I will be honest that from the moment I hear myself being introduced to the room, to getting on stage, I feel like I wanna yak - But as soon as my feet hit that stage, I am home.

My greatest passion is inspiring others through my story. I share how I went from a shy, bullied 9 year old bald girl - to a brave, confident bald woman, who spreads kindness every chance she can.

As I share my journey, I talk about the things that I did to change my own life. I talk about how I decided to switch from a victim mindset, to owning who I am.

I share what motivates me everyday to walk in my own shoes, and help others along the way. 




Signature Talks:

"Your Difference Is Your Power" 

How Losing My Hair Taught Me Who I AM


Do you know what it feels like to battle with yourself everyday? To blend in and make others comfortable, or to be your true authentic self? Come with me as I share my journey from stigma, anger and shame to self-acceptance, love, truth and kindness. Through this talk I will leave your attendees feeling empowered, reflecting on their own lives, and how they can level up and step into their own greatness.




Transformation Weekend


We spend time removing old obstacles and fears, determining your life's purpose, and moving toward a life of success, joy, openness, love and happiness.

You'll get clarity around how to live your life with intention and what specific changes you could make to make your dreams come true. 

This weekend is jam-packed with activity. You will push just a little outside your comfort zones and build confidence.


You'll have the opportunity to create a visual representation of your goals which will become your own personal target.

You'll connect with your most authentic self and discover what makes you unique.

In addition to getting really clear on WHAT and WHY, you'll also discover HOW.

You'll learn how to live from a place of authentic truth and change the way the world receives you.


We will guide you through a series of workshops that will have you ready to take on the world, and live the life you always dreamed of. BUT YOU WILL DO ALL THE WORK, FRIEND. 


You'll give time to carefully consider new ways of achieving your dreams, and you'll spend time learning new patterns for success, once you have clearly defined your goals. Did you catch that? You're going to bust past all the obstacles that have stopped you in the past. No more excuses. 


You'll begin living your life in alignment with your purpose, and you'll feel more clarity and peace than you've ever experienced before. 


The entire weekend is designed to be a progression, so attendance at all sessions is almost mandatory to complete the full transformation process. 


As A Master Trainer, I am able to customize this 1-3 day self development seminar for your event.




"How Kindness Can Change Your Life"

My interactive school talk is geared toward kids and teens talking about how challenges in their lives can be stepping stones for greatness. We talk about how Kindness can impact their school culture, as well as help those who feel bullied or have low self esteem. 

I share my own story of being bullied in school after losing my hair, the lessons I learned, and way that students can help each other.



Personal Coaching Testimonial

I had the pleasure of working with Vanessa as my coach in 2017/2018.

I was in a deep depression and I was going through some major life changes. I was fired from my job for people pleasing, and not using my words with integrity. I was in a deep dark hole and I was fighting to just get through the days. Vanessa was there for me. She gave me little tips and tricks every day that helped me change the way I looked at things. I lost the victim mentality and became a totally different person with a whole new love for life. She was always there. She didn't blow smoke up my ass and tell me that everything would be fine, she instead gave me challenges and helped me to see my part in what happened. She told me things I needed to hear and less of what I "wanted" to hear.

She helped save me that Summer.

We worked together and I came out with a new love for my life. I accomplished so many goals that I set, and I would never have had the courage to do before my coaching time with Vanessa.

I highly recommend her. She is compassionate and doesn't pretend to be perfect.

She helps in a way that YOU do the work and not just fluff your way through.

Vanessa I will be forever grateful to you! You would be lucky to hire Vanessa as your coach!

Tanya B. ~ Vernon B.C.

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